Annotation Reports

Just a general troubleshoot I need helping with.

I have a map with about 6 annotations, they’re plots of land that the owner wants to measure for sale. I would like to make reports with only 1 annotated area showing at a time. Is this possible? I know I can make them invisible on the Mapview on the website, but PDFs show all of them every time I run the report.

Yep, that is one of the issues with PDF that needs to be looked at. It always turns everything on. Unfortunately I don’t know that there is a way to isolate individual annotations on the table of the report once they have all been made.

In the past I just created an Excel file, screenshot (snippet tool) each area and notate. Or if it makes more sense, just snip that entire area from a download orthomosaic and create a legend.

@anya @AlexHennessey Any suggestions?