Reports - Annotations - Pick Annotations for Report

We need a Option that allows us to enable/disable what we want to see in a report. This would be very easy be checking the Checkmark for the Annotation to see if it’s checked or not. Also remember the Annotation checkmark status so it doesn’t consonantly reset them and show every annotation when the screen refreshes to doing different tasks (ie. run a report, before the report they are off and after the report they are turned on and visible)>

Here is what I’m talking about for what I want to see on the report:

I want the report to show only these items:

Click Report and select Annotation Report:

Report is Generated:

I only wanted to see Items 1 - 4 but the report generates for all Map Annotations. The reason is I might only want to show the elevations of the pond being excavated in different areas of the pond. I don’t want the clutter of the volumetrics or the distance/cross section lines. I don’t mind using the checkmark system under the Annotations to generate the maps. Or you can popup a small window listing all the anontations and by default have them all selected and allow the end-user to uncheck everything he doesn’t want to see on that report.


+1 for me. I consistently takeoff Stockpiles, Water lines, WW lines, Storm lines, Paving and Curb and it would be nice to run separate reports because those go to three different departments respectively. Otherwise I just do it in Bluebeam.

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