Removing some annotations from a report

Sorry but my query cant be relayed in one sentence and cant find any other way to communicate with .you
i have two problems
1: When signed onto my Drone Deploy account i cannot access the forum because it requires me to log in but rejects my login details what is wrong?
2: i want to run a report using only some of the annotations but the report includes all annotations regardless if the box to display them highlighted or not. The annotations i want to exclude from the report are removed from the map in explore mode but are included in the report. There are some annotations i do not want included in a printed report but do not want to delete them. Again what can be wrong?
Best Regards

Arnot Findlay

  1. Welcome ARNOT! Don’t take that the way of Yoda. :slight_smile: The flight site and forum have different credentials. Maybe you don’t have a forum account?
  2. Reports need work and have for some time now. Can you mock up what you would like to see?

Hi MichaelL thank you for your quick response.

I have included some screenshots to illustrate what is happening.

I want a report that shows only item 1 but even with all the other annotations unchecked they still appear on the report but not on the map on the screen.
I was assuming the unchecked items would be excluded from the report should that not be the case?

This is the screenshot of the report i want.

Regards Arnot