Analyzing Map Data

Ok guys! I flew my first Mission on a Contour Strip Mining job in Kentucky.
Can anyone out there lead me in the direction or give me some tips I need to do now analyzing the data I have gathered as far as some of the following calculations: Coal stockpile volumes/ tonage,topsoil removal square feet, highwall measurements linear feet, amount of overburden removed from a particular area, sub-standard water discharges etc.
I am researching Drone Deploy Documentation also at this time.
But, nothing beats experience!
Thanks for your time concerning these issues.
TCDrone in Tennessee!

Message me and we can do a quick GotoMeeting.

Hi @TCDrone,

Congrats on flying your first mission on the mine.

Did you find what you were looking for in our support documentation? The “Analyzing Data” section of our support documentation has information about volume measurement and I also recommend our Mining Onboarding for DroneDeploy page - and you’re right, there’s no better way to learn than experience!


Hannah, Thank you so much! I will do exactly what you recommended.
I love DD it is awesome software.


Tim, glad to hear that! Welcome to the DroneDeploy community.