Future dd training

Hello DD Staff! Is there any plans in the future for DD training,classes, conferences, etc., in the Southeastern part of the US?

@TCDrone Hello! Thanks for reaching out! Glad you are interested in learning more about DroneDeploy! We currently do not have any plans on location training in your region. However, I would look into https://www.dartdrones.com/ for training in your area.


@TCDrone, is there anything in particular you have questions about? Feel free to message me and we can setup some time for a GotoMeeting.

Hey thanks Michael for getting back with me. I have flown Missions with my P3P and then uploaded the images for mapping. I have played around a little with the Annotations. I have watched a lot of the videos on the DD Documentation site on Data Analysis but most are short. I am mapping Coal Strip Mining permits and I need to be able to calculate spoil removal, the amount of material needed to reclaim a high wall where spoil has been removed to get to the Coal seam. Coal Stockpile areas, (I have watched videos on Volume calculations) but need more in depth in these areas and any other tools in DD to help with this type of management. I’m not sure what a Goto meeting is? Is this something I can do at home or do I need to be at work!

I appreciate any kind of help using DD.


Very cool. You can do a GoToMeeting from any computer or tablet.

Since you are familiar with the tools just use one of the example maps or upload a map for testing to see how you can manipulate them for different purposes. Like, the distance tool is also a slope measurement with profiles. Lication pin gives elevation, coordinates and has the area for notes and complimentary images. The area calculation now works on slopes as well and the volume tool measures both above and below the plane. Shrink and swell are also factors that will help volume takeoffs be more precise.