Using DD In Mining Industry

Hey guys! Pretty new here. I work as a Mine Inspector in Kentucky.
I’m needing help in the area of analyzing the data I have after mapping an area that has been mined by using a Contour mining method.
After I have the map how can I calculate areas where the spoil material has been removed. We have to keep a record of spoil removal and the amount of highwall remaining to be reclaimed each month. Any knowledge in using DD in the Mining Industry please let me know.
I’m not sure I’m allowed to give personal info on this forum but if not that’s cool.
You can contact me at
Thanks everyone for the help.

What kind of records are required? On demand? You are going to need some type of point cloud analysis or CAD software. I would recommend Carlson Precision 3D. They have allot of experience in mining mapping. I can get you a contact if needed.

Okay that would be great.
Thanks Michael.