Contours and volumes

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Iam mainly interested in the mapping capabilities. Contours, digal mapping and volume calculations. Have anyone done test and compared data for accuracy? Also, is it possible to generate a contour map with DD. If so, ho do you get n surface model? (Remove trees and buildings?)

Volumes, where do you calculate them?

One last thing. I have only done 2 flights, but have seen that in the Mosaic there is some places that have a hole in the image. Why is this happening? Also see that the buildings in the dsm has fuzy sides, not a line where you can definitely see this is the wall/drop of the building.

Looking forward for your feedback

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I am interested in the same things. Stockpile volumes, aerial surveys, etc.
I plan on surveying an area we have already surveyed via hand and air. I will do a comparison and post results one of these days. Has anyone else done a similar comparison?
I’ve compared the results from Pix4D, Agisoft’s PhotoScan Pro, and PhotoModeler Scanner. So far I like the PhotoScan results. I’m looking forward to experimenting with Drone Deploy. I’m updating my firmware now to use my Phantom 3 (Beta).

We hope to have volumetrics ready for testing soon. Please do check back for updates.


I would like to know why I do not see the contour option when I open a processed map. is that option switched off for my account?

I would be glad to attempt to help. Long time DD user here but definitely not consider myself an expert but have had success. If you are interested, give me a call from the # on my website


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Hi @phatzo --contours are not part of the Pro trial. please see more info about each plan here :



Adding contours and DSM features to DD would be a BIG plus for me. There seems to be quite a few others that are keen on these features. Any chance you can give us a hint as to when we might be able to see them available please Neema?

Hi AeroScout

We’re testing this in beta now. Watch this space.


That’s super great news, cheers for the heads up Mike. :slight_smile:

Hi Everyone!

Please note that contours exports are now available on DroneDeploy as part of the Business, Premier, and Enterprise accounts. See here for more information:

thank you all for your feedback.

Are the contours working OK for everyone ? I am seeing some issues with a consistent rectangle appearing over the contours. Across multiple surveys now there is always this inner rectangle when I view the shapefile in QGIS. Looks good otherwise, but is not presentable to clients with this issue.

I can now report the contours are appearing correctly in shapefiles after asking for support and some changes being made at the DD end. Thanks for the support guys !

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I’ve had no problems with the contours. My only complaint is that I wish I could view them onscreen in the elevations toolbox and export them ‘overlayed’ with the orthomosaic in one GeoTiff.