Aircraft telemetry on second controller/gui

Hi all, is it possible to run both DD app and DJI GO app at the same time so that all flight telemetry can be monitored on the second remote controller and GUI of the Inspire while the DD app runs on the first controller? I can’t help feeling that I am not in control enough while the DD app is running and I cannot see bayyery voltage levels and temps etc,

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Very good idea, gets my vote. Maybe through the HDMI out port?

Hi Mark, I run two controllers so i’m hoping the second remote could display the telemetry at all times while controller one is given over to DD.

True, Ideal for Inspire 1 but doesn’t help if you are using the phantom. Option for either would be good though.

Which other telemetry are you most interested in seeing?

I mirror your suggestion. Having the imagery and flight data is a key factor in safety while on a DD mission. The current work around I use is to plug my 10 inch monitor into the HDMI out and turn the telemetry on HDMI in the DJI Go App. I then mount monitor on my controller or a second controller if needed. Seems to work good for now.

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This is totally possible. I have been running the inspire on Drone deploy this way for a few months. DD on the master controller, DJI go on the slave.

Hi Chase, having the GO app running on the slave with all DJI telemetry was what I would have liked and it seems possible, thanks maverickdrone :smile:. I can do this on my Inspire with two controllers but my P3P has just one controller. CI_Aerial thanks for info, i’ll try this asap. Do you concur Chase?

That should work fine.