Inspire 2 plus X5S, having problems here

very new to DD. Testing on I2 and X5S.
First I have had some problem with the drone connecting. Standing there with it just say USB is connected. Waiting for drone.
The drone is on and is connected to the remote, but not the app.
I have managed to get it to connect a few times by restarting everything. This has happened with multiple cables.
I started the first mission and took off. The DD app turned off, started, refreshed and left me on the screen to save the mission again, even though the drone was in the air and had started the mission and was seemingly still on the right path.
I have not yet seen the drone control the gimbal to point it down. Do I have to do this my self? It’s hard to get it to point straight down on an I2 because it will go past 90 degrees.
I have not yet had the DD app take any photos on it’s mission. I have a fast, and formatted sd card inserted.
I am trying to test this, but I don’t seem to be having any luck.
Any help?

Hi True VR - sorry to hear that - what mobile device are you using. iOS tends to work best.

If it’s not connecting - I’d suggest just plug in the usb/lighting cable in and out again.