Advanced 3D mode capturing

It would be great if there was a way to tweak the 3D mode, as the last capture I did missed a lot of the detail on a 4 storey building, I was thinking that maybe a lower and higher orbit height could be set so the drone can do multiple passes at different gimbal angles so there’s more data for photogrammetry.

3D Mode is a generic solution that does not know the particular details of your site so it has limitations in that area.

A custom solution using DJI POI or manual flying providing the approach you are describing above will usually provide much better results.

Sculpting 3D with a drone is part art and part science. I did this one by flying manual orbits with the DJI GO4 app at two altitudes shooting 85 overlapping oblique images looking down 45 – 60 degrees. I did not shoot any vertical grid images.