3D Mapping and not getting a clear Image of Front Face of Building

So this is my first time mapping with DroneDeploy so forgive me if this is a basic question. I was taking my first 3D map with my Phantom 4 and uploaded the photos and the 3D map from above looks great. Although when I zoom in and try to look at the front face of the building it seems to not look so great and looks like it had a hard time sowing the images together. Well because I thought, maybe it wasn’t able to capture the front of the building from the height it was flying, I decided to take some more photos of the house from closer to ground level and then add those to the uploaded images. Well when I looked at that map it seemed to have the same issues with the front and back face of the house. So what is the best method for capturing all side of a structure for a 3D model? Should I take extra photos to add into my original flight path over the structure?

You probably don’t want to add photos from a different time period, but you are welcome to try.

One more.

To get good vertical walls in 3D it is usually necessary to circle or fly parallel to the faces of the building shooting sequential overlapping oblique images downwards at 45 - 60 degrees keeping the sky out of the images. That is what was done here at two altitudes to get the faces of the building.

They were flown manually using the DJIGO4 app. The Structures flight mode may also work if applied properly. It is generic, so custom manual flight often gives better results.