Adding feature to DXF report based on colour

We have completed a building survey which will output a DXF file, there are some features (roof lights) on the roof which are not picked up in the DXF file but are clear from the photos, is there a way to add these features to the report and the CAD file which is output?

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A contour DXF? That is the only DXF that DroneDeploy exports. You can open the contours and ortho in QGIS and draft in the other features. I would use the DTM contours and draft in all the structures. You can then export that as a DXF again.

Do you have any design software?

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I am not sure if its a contour DXF, its a 2D or 3D DXF which I am opening in autocad. It currently shows the perimeters of the roof and protruding roof furniture, but i want to include skylights.


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We could be sure from a screenshot, but I am willing to bet it is contours and the vertical features are accentuated. I looked back through and the Elevations and Cut/Fill DSM’s and DTM’s can all be exported as DXF’s. The linework is 3D.

One screenshot above, I want to add the skylights (visible on the second image) to the CAD file (visible on the first image), is that possible.



Ok, that doesn’t look like contours. Is it from a roof report app/plugin? What version of AutoCAD do you have? That pending you can either bring the GeoTiff in on coordinates or make a flat image, bring it in and scale and rotate.

Autocad 2021, yes its a rooftop report,

Ok so you would have to do it manually, it cannot include the skylights in the rooftop report, is that what you mean?


This is one I just did for a design-build to concrete pave an existing site. The GeoTiff was very accurate for Estimating.

Correct. Honestly for what it costs I am surprised their service doesn’t include features and equipment, but you may be able to request. I think this would be pretty easy if you could make a standard block, a grid and do an array. Or just copy and paste multiple at a time.

OK thanks, i was just trying to remove the human error which will inevitably be there when tracing but it will do the job.

Thanks for your help

I totally get that! It’s not really tracing, but making a standard block from a spec sheet (maybe one already exists) and then copying and pasting along an alignment. Obviously I don’t know scale, but a quick 5 minutes it wasn’t bad. A much higher resolution image would make it even easier.

Were obliques and Structure mode used on this?

I might of missed something here… What are you trying to deliver? Are you trying to provide roof slopes and measurements? Personally I would export the ortho, take it into civil, do the tracing, create a surface from the point cloud or demtiff, then annotate the slopes, then fill in any other features that were not in the surface. You might be better off flying lower and capturing obliques and mixing them with the NADIR’s like Michael was getting at.

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I think his main problem is that he is paying for the roof report service and he is now having to supplement it. Also, he may be using standard AutoCAD?


Essentially I am after the roof report, with the addition of the boundaries of the skylights, I can draw them on after using the geotiff as Michael has suggested. i was just checking that there wasn’t another method that i had missed.


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I know there was some talk of planometrics in the past that would find hard lines like that, but I don’t know where it got left off. @Jamespipe I chatted with Nick a little bit, but I don’t think I express the appreciation for it that I would have now. Datumate would be a good example to follow.