3D Model to Google Earth

Is this possible? I’m surprised 3D KML output isn’t an option, but maybe there are better solutions?

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It used to be possible by converting the OBJ with SketchUp, but I am not sure about the current version. I will tell you one thing, because of the number of triangles making up the surface you will probably crash Google Earth. We had trouble bringing in simplified meshes from CAD and they’re not even textured.

Yes it did occur to me that GE might not handle a large TIN.

What puzzles me somewhat is how effortlessly the Windows 10 3D viewer handles complex OBJ files, compared to my CAD system (TurboCAD Pro 2018). And I have a pretty new/fast PC.

It’s a shame the Windows 10 viewer is only that, not a useful editor. And that TurboCad doesn’t use the same viewing technology.

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You’ve successfully loaded a site file in the Win10 viewer? How big are your sites? I had no luck and when it did finally start to come in it had no textures…

Not a massive site. But a 3D model of 524,074 triangles, 1,572,222 vertices, = 77.1 Mb.Capture

Happy to share, if anyone’s interested!

Been experimenting trying to get into Sketchfab, but that’s proving a challenge at present regarding materials/textures. Any tips?

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Very nice. Thanks for sharing.

On Sketchfab are you uploading the zip file?

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