View 3D Model in Google Earth

I’m looking to export my 3D map into something I can view in Google Earth. I searched the forum and read what I found but most seem outdated and links no longer work or programs crash. Has anyone gotten their map to show in Google Earth Pro? If so what steps did you take? Thanks!

I don’t think this is possible unless Google did it for you. Maybe through SketchUp?

Did you ever get Carlson Precision 3D? You can download the Google Earth image and surface right into the point cloud.

I had seen others who had used it and seemed to be awesome but the feature must have gotten taken down. I did get Carlson P3D but it just doesn’t quite do what I would like. I have a deadline coming up Friday so I will use what I know for now and then check out some other things in the future.

I think it probably happened when they switched to the free version of GE Pro. We had enterprise licensing years ago that would allow us to do allot of other things, but that all went away. What are you trying to accomplish?

After a little more research all I have found is that it looks like it takes another piece of software to convert the point cloud or CAD file to KML. Civil3D, AutoCAD and Carlson Civil all do this, but there seem to be a bunch of other programs now that will convert LAS to KML.

I was looking to import in to google earth so I could share it easier than the trial version setup Drone deploy has. I don’t want to have my customer sign up with drone deploy just to look at a 3d model of a map. With Google Earth they can. OK thanks for your legwork. I will look into this some more.

Have you ever tried Sketchfab?

No I haven’t. Quick google search says it widespread and free. I’ll download and try that out now. Thanks

Looks like the free version only allows uploads of 50MB I would have to spend $79 per month to get 500MB for skecthfab and I’m not doing that. Just kinda upset that I spent over $3,000 on drone deploy and I can’t share a map without having the customer download or signup for things. It’s like they made it that hard so the customer has to sign up and then they can steal them later…ok sorry for my rant. I’m better now.

No, any 3D Model on Drone Deploy can be freely shared with anyone on Sketchfab without a subscription.
Just open it in Sketchfab and share the link like this.

This explains how to see it in Sketchfab and get the link.



That seems to be the answer! I added a place mark in my google earth places map and embedthat code and BOOM it works. Thank you!

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Hi Brent,

Can you maybe explain more in detail how you did it. Were you able to view your project in 3D on Google Earth or just created a link to the Sketchfab file? Thanks

Mavic pilot,
It’s just a link to open sketchfab but it works awesome. It opens up a new screen and loads the model. It was glitchy at first but now once the new screen opens after you click the link, look at the top of right and click on the open in the chrome button. Opens a new tab and works every time.
Get your share link from your sketchfab, right click on your Google Earth map and add a place mark. In the add url box paste your code there and click OK. Let me know if that works for you.

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Thanks Brent,

Yes, got it to work, was wondering if there is a way to view it direct on Google Earth but that might be a bit too much to ask for. Thanks again.

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Once you find out that let me know lol

Importing a 3d model in Google Earth is still possible, but you must do it by hand:
Download any model from Sketchup Warehouse in KMZ format. If you can’t find it, download a SKP suitable for your sketchup version, open in sketchup and save as KMZ file.

A .kmz file is just a renamed .zip file; unpack it, and open the kml file inside: it contains text simple data describing position and scale of your model. Edit the file as you need; replace the linked .DAE by yours; zip again both the KML and the folder; rename to KMZ; load the file in GoogleEarth.

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