How to Load / Edit Large OBJ 3D Model Export?

I modeled a building. Was only 300 photos. The 3D Model export is a 140MB .obj file. I just need the wireframe mesh model. I’ve used other programs to do photogrammetry that exported DXF and I can bring those into Sketchfab 3D CAD software no problem. When I try to import the 140MB obj file it chokes on it even though I have the most powerful Laptop CPU you can get (latest i7 processor), NVIDIA GPU, and 16GB of RAM. I found an obj to dxf converter but seems it didn’t work. Any suggestions?

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So in your other experiences your getting a DXF of the trimesh? No textures?

Textures are material files aren’t they (jpeg images) or maybe I’m confusing that with the tiled model versus textured model. I lose track of all the differences.

I’m just needing a mesh model to do so estimated distance and height measurements of objects. See what the surface texture looks like is completely useless to me for this application.

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Correct. The texture (JPEG) files are part of the Just the lined trimesh is not available. That is part of what I do in Carlson Precision 3D Topo and/or Carlson Civil. You could download the DXF contours and put that in Sketchup, but SketchFab is very limited as to what kind of model files it will accept. The best in class, but from a designer 3D perspective, very limited.

I suggest importing the .obj file into McNeel Rhino 6 using their free 90 day trial version. Once in Rhino you can measure things. I have successfully loaded and edited 300MB .obj files in Rhino. By the way, after 90 days you can still use Rhino 6 as a viewer as just saves are disabled.


@SolarBarn Terry, Can I hire you to teach me some Rhino? Want to come to Austin?

You can also try Meshlab and Blender which are both free.
You might be able to export from one of them in a format you can use elsewhere.

Yeah I use Meshlab to get dxfs from obj files.
Import Obj
Export as dxf

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