Exporting to sketchup

hi… can some body help me to underdtand why i cant view models on sketchup?

Do you mean Sketchfab or Sketchup?
If it’s Sketchfab, do this.

You can share the full 3D model in a fully interactive form using Sketchfab.

  1. Click on the 3D Model to open it.
  2. You can view it in Sketchfab by clicking on the little blue arrow to compress the data bar to the left. The arrow is about half way down the page on the right side of the data bar. The Sketchfab icon is under the data bar in the lower left corner.
  3. Click on that Icon and it will take you to Sketchfab.
  4. In Sketchfab you can freely share the fully interactive model using the URL under the Share button. Anyone will be able to see it and interact with it.

If you mean Sketchup, you would have to export it most likely as an .obj file.
You would then have to import it into some software that converts and exports it in a format Sketchup can import.
Blender is a free powerful 3D graphics program that you can open the .obj file in and then export it in .3ds format which Sketchup reads.

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Hi Eran,

There are a few SketchUp OBJ plugins available that allow you to import directly to SketchUp. These are paid. For a free option you can use Meshlab to import the OBJ file, then export as a DAE or STL file which SketchUp can import.

Hi…i work with agisoft and can export or create any file that i like …i was able to import those files to sketchup but i can see just millions of rectangles without the texture…why? Maybe some plug in i need to add to sketchup?

Did you use the free version? Or did you purchase the paid plug-ins?

Yes I’ve got the pro and still.what is recommended to do?

Ok, so you have the Pro version of Sketchup? Do they have documentation?

Is it imported with the texture?

Sketchup doesn’t handle high poly count models very well.

So what I’ve been doing is bringing the exported model from DD into MeshLab or even Blender, and then reducing the polycount as low as I possibly can before any visual data appears to be lost.

From there I can import the DAE (collada) file but I’ve yet to see any real usefulness in doing so. This is an area that my team and I are trying to refine because we’d like to have this fit into our BIM workflow better than just using these models as additional/supplemental data for modeling.

I am trying to import into SketchUp with the goal of using SketchUp’s editing and measuring features on a DD 2D map.

A client I am working with uses SketchUp for their normal work flow (solar panel layout) by building layouts over the SketchUp map layer.

Is there a way to import and scale a DD 2D jpeg, tiff or even 3D model in to SketchUp?

Hi @NewPerspectiveAerial,

We are currently not integrated with SketchUp (you can see what we have available in our App Market).

I suggest taking a look at our Exporting Your Data support doc to see how to get the appropriate file formats for SketchUp though. I hope someone who has had experience and success with SketchUp can chime in and help you out.


I have been at this for a few days now and what I have found may help others.

Using the paid plugin “Simlab OBJ Importer” for SketchUp, the DD .obj file can be imported.

What really surprised me is that the obj model is much sharper than DD 3D render. (Meshlab also renders at this higher resolution) I suspect DD is down sampling the file were SketchUp is using the full file.

The SketchUp 3D model looks every bit as good as the DD 2D image. I am able to zoom in to a single shingle at exactly the same detail as the DD 2D image.

This is the best part, measurements can be made on the SketchUp 3D model with an accuracy of about 2” as confirmed with a tape measure!

DD’s obj files are far more accurate than I would have thought!

Hope this help someone else.

Thanks for sharing this @NewPerspectiveAerial!

Thanks for sharing your experience with Simlab plugin for SketchUp. This is something I have been trying to get information on and was excited to hear about your success. when I went to take a look s the SimLab OBJ importer for SU however the reviews were not encouraging at all. Did you have any issues or install in a particular way that made your install and use a success?

What version of SketchUp did you have to use? There are three versions. Free, Shop and Pro.