Software/process Mapping of .obj files 3D MAX

Hello folks. It has be great seeing all the awesome work. I am new to the industry and am trying to learn how to import my .obj model and mesh textures into 3D Max so I can bring in my architectural model into the scene.

Any good classes or videos for this?


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Hey @Mazama. I’ve wanted to do the same thing. A company by the name of Visual Law did a great presentation on this technology at InterDrone last year, and they were kind enough to share their list of tools, with descriptions of each. They use an application called Megafiers Terrain, which is a plug-in for 3dsMax. That plug-in somehow ties 3dsMax into Google Earth Pro, and the results are spectacular.
Unfortunately, I couldn’t figure out a way to make it work, and even the owner/developer of the Megafiers Terrain plug-in was at a loss. Megafiers Terrain is at If you can figure out the integration (which I haven’t yet), you’ll get some awesome results.