3D Model Quality for Steep Forest - Best Add-In?


I’m trying to plan a 3-D map/model of some steep forest land. Do folks have a suggestion for the best add-in? Do they plan the orthogonal (side-angled) pics as part of the flight plan? I realize I could answer some of this by testing, but I live in a (Bravo Airspace) city and it’s a long drive to the project site tomorrow. It’s not a commercial project, just my own bony land two states away…

Anyway, happy to hear any suggestions. Either on ad-ins or settings. I’m thinking 250’ for altitude. Not sure on the 3-D structure setting, and the 50 acres is covered fairly uniformly with trees.

Thanks for your input!

Make sure it is not to windy. The trees will blow around and make it impossible to get tie-points. I would suggest crosshatch. depends on you elevation change and area, but you might have to run two flights. You can determine you camera pitch. I would recommend 50-60deg. 50 at the 250ft you plan and more angle if you fly higher.


Thank you. I will go with the ‘Auto Flight Modes’ add-in, 250’ and 60deg. I only have one day on site, so I’ll have to hope for the best. Closest aviation weather looks like 10kG20 at the moment, so… suboptimal.

only 3kt tomorrow, hope that holds

60-65deg results in red warning message:

**GCP map processing with DroneDeploy excludes oblique images. This setting is not recommended for smaller maps.**

Does one ignore that for 48 acres?

Fly very slow to get better images of trees. You will get melted trees if you don’t have good overlaps and your too close to the trees. Winds play hell on tree flights because they move and it’s hard align images.

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You can ignore that. It’s an engineer’s safety warning (which is fine) that protects their disclaimers. #over-engineered

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I’ve never seen over engineered! Lol

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Yeah, let’s put a 5000sqft building on 36" piers… :crazy_face:

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someone’s been reading my cabin plans :rofl: