3D Model Fly through for Deliverable to client?

Good day All,

Ive created a pretty nice model for a client of mine that is looking to offer a 3D model View to his client of the projects. Is there any way to create a more friendly view of a 3D model for export like a “fly through” instead of zooming in and out and turning the mouse over the project…

for example is there any way to take that model 3D and export it in a movie format with some preset “motion” like a fly over feature?

Not sure if what Im asking make sense, it does it my head. Kinda looking for a program that would be able to create an automatic video view with animation of the 3D object for viewing and then an export into a video file.

Thanks in Advance!

You could do this in Rhino. Export the model as an .obj file and then import this into Rhino. Read up about animations in Rhino and follow the steps. You can use an evaluation version of Rhino to do this. Search for: mcneel rhino


I will definitely try that thank you for the recommendation

Virtual surveyor aslo has a flythrough feature

As does Pix4D Mapper.


I’ve tried the video options there I found it really hard to navigate through it with recording point I’ll need more practice.