How to Flyover Animation with 3d model

I would like to create something like this:
But I am clueless on which programs I could use to animate/make the flyover using the 3D model generated with DD.

I have looked at GoogleEarthPro and Sketchup but they do not import (at least without plugins/extensions) the MTL and OBJ that I get from the 3D Model export feature in DD.

Ideally I would like a simple to use tool that allows me to create a route in the model and record the movement along it as in a small movie.


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I have tried converting the OBJ files into something that Sketchup could accept, but it crashes upon importing. I do not know if the file conversions are failing or Sketchup crashes with the imported 3D model (too big?)

Anyone know about 3D modeling and animation here that can advise?

We use Autodesk Infraworks at work. Never used a DD 3d model, but I am sure its possible.

If anyone uses Autodesk products, they probably have 3D Studio MAX included in the Suite software (if you get suite bundles). 3DS Max does a great job of importing an .obj file. Then you can set up a camera and fly around the model creating a great animation. The exact process is a bit lengthy to describe here, but there are plenty of web sites out there describing how to do it. I may post one myself for this specific process if people are interested.

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Our company uses 3ds Max for architectural visualization but that software cost $ 3500 at the time before they switched over to a monthly rental business model. If you want a decent software that is free try Blender. I have used it for importing and exporting files of all types but I did not like the workflow compared to 3ds max which I have been using for over 15 years. Blender is free for commercial work and open source and uses .obj files. Looks like they are using a 2D\3D graphics program to composite the motion graphics to the shot so they might be using Adobe Creative Suite that contains Adobe After Effects as well.

The only downside to the software is that you need to learn it…:slight_smile:

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