Which Camera to use for Contours?

Hi all,
I’m just starting out but have failed to find the best camera to use for Contour and Volumetric data collection for map creation and planning submission.
I’ll be using the Dji inspire which come with X3 or X5. Are either of these able to collect the data required or do I search for another?
Best, Maddy

Hi Maddy, the info you’re looking for can be found here. http://support.dronedeploy.com/v1.0/docs/supported-drones#dji-camera-compatibility They recommend a lens calibration with the X5 for best results.

Thanks for the prompt reply Kara

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You’re welcome, please let me know if you need anything else.

Hi Kara, would you know where on the site or who I should contact with reference to further contour questions, namely;
Is there an example of a contour study or project that I can show prospective architects?
Is there a toggle switch between feet and meters? We don’t operate feet in Europe.
Will the software automatically give elevation of any given site with reference to mean sea level?
Many thanks, Maddy

hi @Maddy

Thanks for reaching out- if you contact sales@dronedeploy.com , they’ll be able to show you the types of examples you are looking for.

To switch between meters and feet, please go to Settings and then Units:

You can choose metric from the little drop down menu.

We are working on the mean sea level reference point soon- not yet available, but we agree with you that this is a valuable feature.