Volumetric calculations and Elevation toolbox

Hey all, in case you missed our announcement, volumetric calculations and the elevation toolbox are both live today.

You can check out the blog post here: https://blog.dronedeploy.com/new-release-volume-measurement-8d20b3754a2e#.5mvdjihgb

The support documentation is here: http://support.dronedeploy.com/docs/volume-measurement

Volumetric calculations are fairly self-explanatory and useful in various industries—notably mining and construction.

The Elevation Toolbox is a very interesting thresholding tool for highlighting more minute elevation changes, much more capable than the old, static “Digital Surface Model” that the Elevation Toolbox has replaced. You can now adjust and zone in on specific areas of your maps and even conduct mock floodplain analysis.

What are your thoughts? How will you be using these new features?

I have a client who mostly constructs large scale utility projects such as dams and waste water treatment plants. I have been trying to educate them as to how useful some of these tools can be but am getting resistance because of the format. These “old School” guys want to see contour lines, and think the colors are just pretty and not hard data. They want to see 5 lines disappear if they cut 5’ off a hill. The volume calculator is useful for stockpiles it seems, but for hard documentation of grade change my client feels it comes up short. Do you have any thoughts on how to address their concerns?? and how do you conduct the mock flood plain analysis?

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Also, any device is not quite accurate. The screen on my moto G is so full of tool and info bars I can’t see the map. Maybe they could expand/collapse?

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Can’t wait to check this out. Perfect timing!


Hey Nate, thanks for your write-up. Contour lines will be a release from us in 2016 at some point (no ETA yet) and should address most of the issues your clients are dealing with.

For mock floodplain analysis, we’ll need to likely do a video on that since it’s a bit hard to explain. You’ll need to play around with the new Elevation Toolbox to do some thresholding that will color areas outside of a certain range and can show you (via color coding) what areas would be underneath or above a specific elevation (i.e. water level). A bit hard to explain but we should have more support docs on that soon.

Check out the current docs here: http://support.dronedeploy.com/docs/volume-measurement

re: screen size—Keep your eyes peeled for some more new things coming soon! :wink:

Actually, I found it pretty simple after your short description. Move the slider…this might work for my other issue too, sort of.

Need a reset button.

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Not getting access for a mission just uploaded yesterday. Ian can you help me out? I’m really anxious to check this out. I’m going to shoot a new construct school site we are doing tomorrow too. Thanks

Can this tool be used to determine the amount of cut and or fill necessary to level a slope rather than just the volume of a pit or pile?

The volume tool reports cut, fill, and volume.

Great feature! One request is to be able to have an option to set the camera at 45 degrees during capture vs strictly Nadir. The 45 allows to see in the shadows in uneven or rocky piles or pits. It could be tricky calculating the flight path. We have found favorable results with utilizing this camera view.

Another would be to have the ability to keep a continuous AGL above an estimated DEM on lare earth works (a preliminary road survey down a large river valley)…currently from what I can see is for a 300’ (Elevation difference), sloping side wall, similar to an earth dam, it only has the ability of one height 200’ AGL at the highest point and 500’ AGL at the bottom (loss in resolution at the bottom).

I went ahead and paid for the pro upgrade but I,m not getting the volume tool. I uploaded a couple missions today.

Did you upgrade before uploading the data?

If you didn’t upgrade before processing can you upload again. I’m not sure someone is available at the moment to reprocess at the moment due to being Sunday and also superbowl starting.
We are discussing how to improve this.

Im uploading again now. The upload was already in progress when I upgraded. Thx

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Let me know if that doesn’t fix it because that would mean something else is wrong.

Thanks @chasemgray. @Johnson we are back in the office from the weekend today and will be much more available to assist.

Maybe this was in an update and I missed it, but does dronedeploy now have the capability to show contour lines on a map? Thanks in advance.

We do have this in testing. It will be available in the future.