When clicking the select button it is not made obvious that every flight plan is selected

I was in the manage flights dashboard screen and I wanted to remove some flights and maps that were not processed correctly due to bad pictures probably. So I clicked on the select multiple flights button, and all flights changed color and gave me an option on them for me to select multiple flight plans individually. I selected the ones I wanted deleted, and clicked delete. Low and behold, it deleted all the ones I wanted to keep. Flight Me. It kept all the ones I wanted to delete. Please make it more obvious when selecting multiple flights, which ones are selected.

Thanks for reading, now I go start over.

Very sorry to hear about your issue with this… @J_Ninja_Dojo,

I will say dont give up hope as i dont believe your maps are truly gone as of yet. I would give a quick shout to support@dronedeploy.com and see if they can revert. Also i am having the opposite issue right now i have some maps that were linked via the forums showing up in my account and i keep deleting them and they keep on coming back. So it is possible with a re log you might find they have not vanished yet.

Best of luck,

Scott Lashmit

You are right, the re-login worked! Now, how to really delete stuff for good… :smiley:

unfortunately… that i haven’t had luck with… glad that worked though sure you must have had a heart attack.

Oh no. All maps are gone again, lol, must of just taken a few min for the system to update. Well I’m ready for this already. Back to uploading…