A "Recycle Bin" Feature

I was attempting to delete 3 failed flights and accidentally ended up deleting all of the good ones instead.
A trash or recycle bin feature would be nice for the user to get those accidentally deleted flights back on their own.

I hope those can be recovered. I did leave a message with chat support

You’re plans should be good now. I think you got a response on the support email.

@chasemgray I did get an email form Neema in support, however I still do not see the flights. The only one that was added back after the accidental deletion was one another user shared with me.

I did reply back to that email just now

They’re all back now. Thank you very much. Sorry to be such a pain.

It’s ok. I assume you thought that having the checks meant they would stay and the unchecked ones would delete?

We have a new UI/UX person now that is very good. It will be a long process but we will be improving things like that quite a bit over the next several months.

I had clicked on the check all button (which I thought initially just enabled a multiple delete mode/check boxes), then clicked on the ones I wanted to delete, which in turn unchecked those. Clicked the delete button and immediately noticed my mistake. I was moving fast so that’s how it happened. I still do think it would be nice to have a trash bin for the deleted items to go into. They could be automatically deleted after say 30 days for example.

That’s a great idea. Or at least, and Undo button :slight_smile: I’ll chat to our new UI/UX guy about including this when we do a refresh.

I just made the same mistake, I deleted my plan while it was processing. Is there a way to get it back?

Hi Gabe,

We’ll be adding something like this later this year, but in the mean time, reach out to support@dronedeploy.com with your username and some info about the map/plan you deleted.

Thank you Jono, I will email support.