No email from dronedeploy

I flew my first flight today. Impressive. Logged in and manually uploaded my photos. It’s been several hours and no word from dronedeploy. Also I cant find my mission on my dashboard. Am I missing something?

I can check on this a bit later. @jono Might be able to before me .

Hi @Lyle_Hardin I’ve had a look, and cant’ see anything under the email registered for the forum. Did you register for DroneDeploy with a different email address? If so - please PM me so I can get that sorted for you.


I’m pretty sure I used the same login name (email address) and password for
both sites.
I was able to upload files again and the processing went well. I got an
email and everything.
Thanks for looking into it. Probably just user error on my part. We’ll see
how future flights go.
The flight planning on my tablet was easy and the flight itself was
One thing that did concern me is how fast my phantom flew the plan and how
violent the turns were.
It just seems the stresses on the P3 could be reduced a bit with more
gentle turns.
In my opinion, you could just keep the P3 always facing the same way and
fly it forward and backward along the flight plan.
Looking forward to more flights.