Uploaded to the wrong report

I uploaded 5 photos to the wrong report. How can I edit that report?

Unless I am missing something you would have to re-upload and ditch the old one. I’ve done it several times myself. Usually due to accidentally picking images I didn’t want to share.

Hi @Beckman77,

If you only need to delete photos from a Progress Report you can actually do this by clicking on the individual photos within the report itself. When you do this, you should be prompted with the option to delete the photo from the report. You just want to click on that trashcan button:



Wow, how quickly we fall behind the times. Thanks @Kaitlin! This is currently not in Android right?

How do you reupload your photos to that report than? I got them deleted, but now I can’t find where I can upload the right images.

Kaitlin’s response was regarding just deleting incorrect images. Unfortunately that brings us back to recreating the report.


MichaelL is correct, there is no way to upload the additional images. For that you would need to upload an entire new report.

@MichaelL This should actually work on android as well. I just tried on my phone in fact and was able to do so!

Ok, thanks. It may be a Pixel 1/2/3 and/or Android Pie thing…

So by the reading I have done, the only way to do a new report with the right images is to do a simulated flight?? Am I right on this?

The other thing I have noticed is this, I can’t delete all photos in a report. It only allows me to delet all but one.

The other thing is when I go to upload the five images to a new report, it won’t allow me to upload 5. Its telling me that I need to upload more photos. What happens if I only have 5 for this report?

Check out my post about four above.