Selecting photos to remove from upload (to keep under the 1000 photo processing limt)

Hi there, I am hoping to solve a problem I often have when I am uploading photo for an aerial map processing. I am on the basic plan, so I am limited to 1000 photos for an aerial map.

When I set the flight capture area in the App I am always careful to keep under this, however it seems like the flight can often capture up 5-10% more photos than indicated in the flight plan. So then I have, say 1040 photos.

Ideally the 41 photos I remove from the upload would be around the edges, or in specify areas, rather than just removing the first or last 41 (which is obviously the easiest way when selecting which ones to “add”).

Is there a way, once you do the initial selection of photos, and it lays them out with the blue dots over the image in the Drone Depluy portal, to be able to just select the dots of the photos you don’t want to submit for processing, to be able to get it under the limit?

Not only am I unable to do to this, but as soon I select one more than the 1000 limit and its paced them with the blue dots, I can’t just undo the last photos selected/added, I have to cancel start from scratch again (very frustrating if you have the photo batch located across multiple folders as with a DJI Mavic and often some non-relevant photos in the file order you don’t want to include, so I’ve taken a while to select them all and add them in batches).


If you have a hard time dealing with those constraints it might be helpful to bring the images into Geosetter. That will allow you to see the path as you would see and DroneDeploy and either delete images or move them to a different folder. Then you know that you can hit that 999 before you upload to DroneDeploy.

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When resuming a mission after a battery change, DD has a tendency to photograph the entire last run even though it may have already partially completed. As for the most efficient way to delete the double-ups or avoid capturing them - well I’m still trying to work out that.

When’s the last time this happened to you. Precision Point Return was fixed about 2 months ago. If you are still having issues contact support. In the meantime you can initiate RTH immediately out of a corner to keep from capturing a leg twice. If PPR isn’t working it will always go back to the last passed waypoint.

Still happening on 29th of April 2021, on DD iOS 4.42 (which appears to be the latest version) :frowning:

Hey there MichaelL,

thanks for the reply. This happened to me last week. I can still see the Flight Plan in the web portal - 978 images. But the flight produced 1026 photos. It appeared to return the the point if left off each time it did a RTH for a battery change, so I don’t think it captured runs twice. And even if it did, doesn’t the DD upload process recognise these as duplicates and not upload both versions - if not, surely this is also functionality that should be added!

It is an 200 acre area in roughly a diamond shape. In order to get under the 1000 limit and not adversely impact the important areas, I would need to be shaving one photo of the ends of each run - a very time consuming process to do manually by having to open most of them in a computer, check, move to different folders and then upload again etc etc

Hi Again,

thanks for the advice, I appreciate that there are third party work-arounds. All the blue dots are right there on the aerial map upload section web interface - DD knows which images each one is, surely it wouldn’t be that hard for DD to add the functionality to be able to select them to remove - some obvious functionality that many Pro plan users would value!?

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ahhh I just spent 3 hours manually looking through about 300 photos to try and cull the 41 photos or so, which I still didn’t get exact (as in only selecting the outermost images only ) - sooo frustrating :frowning:

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I totally get that frustration but I don’t know why your scenario would be any different than ours. We review EVERY images with extra large icons. You’d be surprised how many can be removed because they’ll do more harm than good. Especially the turns. We then separate by time stamp and have no problem separating a map from 360’s, aerials and videos. Sometimes it makes sense to use different cards and not keep all your eggs in one basket. We definitely do this for each mission so they can’t mix.

I suppose it depends on what the end use of the project/image will be. This particular map I will be using as a base layer for a site map for an outdoor music festival. So the aerial map itself is not actually the output/product that the client is paying for (and it is just one small part of a bigger project, so there budget is just not there to be paying for such a time consuming process).

Sounds like you’ve got some low-balling going on in your area. People think it takes allot of time but going through 3000 images a day takes literally about 8-10 minutes. I believe that in doing this you are saving yourself future headaches. We also run exposure correction on every project. It is a batch editing process that is all computer driven. It takes about 15 minutes for 1000 images. If you can’t afford that time to provide a better product then you guys aren’t charging enough.

That said I still think there is allot of improvements needed on the interface. Some of which are already coming.

What are your typical flight characteristics? AGL, overlaps and etc.