Updating flights from tablet to computer

I’m having a minor problem updating the flight I did when I got off the plane and back to load the flight to the computer that did not meet the flight was done. I have found you can do the simulations and they upload the pics or just upload them to a new plan but that does not seem right.

Hi @monicagoodlett,

I’m sorry to hear you’re having issues uploading your information. Can you share the step-by-step process you’re using as well as what the error messages are saying?


Try putting the mobile device on the same wifi network the computer is on. It usually will sync and update the plans right away. Sometimes it may take awhile.

You can always use the Upload images button under the plus sign on the lower part of your dashboard to upload/re-upload any images. Just choose Upload Images, name it as you wish and upload as normal. You don’t need to have a flight plan flown to upload.