Tracking dji drone

Hi I’ve miscalculated the necessary height to the highest point on the land under a Area planned to be mapped using dronedeploy.
The drone took off to its present.height and then flew to the start point across extensively rugged terrain.
A tree protruded above the ceiling height and the drone impacted at speed.
It hadn’t started the map phase.
Is there any way to pin point the crash site.
It will be a major mission now to get the the approx are but to find the wreck maybe impossible with knowing the electronic trail.
All ideas

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I had this happen a few years back, although my drone didn’t crash at speed. Detectors stopped the drone, but it couldn’t get out from under the canopy. It (probably) tangled with branches and went down. The Mavik had a locator option that would trigger an alert sound from the drone, but by the time I got to the area, the battery was dead. Never found it in the logging slash. So if you get to it in time, the alert sound might work until the battery goes dry.

Thanks for that… think it’s a gonner.

Done hours of this suff. A very difficult site to map. 80 ha and one high point I didn’t factor. Screen went dead… not a good sign for a happy ending

@Iain_Macdonald Please message into DroneDeploy support,, and we will see if we can assist using available log data that is likely still on your mobile device. Best of luck!

Have emailed the support

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I had a very similar issue and submitted my log files to support. I was told that my drone wasn’t “synced” so my phone did not have a lot of the flight where it crashed. I’m still having difficulty understanding what has to happen for the drone to “sync” to DD. It seems that it would only sync after returning home and landing, so how would this ever be helpful in the case of a crash. On a related note, does anyone know where the real-time images that can be viewed during the flight are stored on an iphone? The last image was still up in DD when I realized it had crashed, but now I can’t find it. If I were able to see the last few images, I could probably find it.

This happened to me about a year ago with my DJI P4Pv2, maybe two. on low-battery-RTH it suddenly stopped half way home (still 17% battery), turned 90 degrees clockwise into a line of the talles trees on the field, stopped over them and descended behind them so I couldn’t see where it landed.
DJI online support wasn’t able to help me. It was a 500m by 30m field of 40+m tall trees.
I was finally able to aprox. pinpoint the location by manually going into the android DD folder on my PC, extracting the last log file, and uploading it via web browser into, since this flight didn’t autosync on the DD android app.
After that I used my old DJI P3S (whose batteries were in deep hibernation) to manually fly over and around the trees. I was only able to find something that might look like my missing drone by carefully watching the video on a 43" TV. It sat on a branch about 28m high.

Then I took the P3S again to take a closer lookat the area and found my drone.