Mavic Air lost altitude using DroneDeploy

I had a video plan for a land survey at 100 ft on a 100+ acre lot. The Mavic Air started out fine tracing the path I put in the app but halfway through it started losing altitude and ended up only at 6ft, then crashed. I am wondering what happened with the DroneDeploy app and if it is something I am doing wrong with connecting it to the DJI Mavic Air. Thanks for your help in advance.

You can contact DD Tech Support ( and/or DJI Tech Support. You will need to get your log files.

I’m assuming you was using DroneDeploy App to fly the mission? I’m assuming the battery didn’t run out of power? I’m assuming your Low Battery Warning is at 18% before RTH (default DJI setting)? I’m assuming the batteries are DJI Batteries and not knock-offs?

If send me the DD Log I can look at it and see what was going on.

Thanks. The flight didn’t finish so the app just quit. How do I find the log files?

The Flight logs should be on the control. You will need to connect the controller to the computer and then setup the USB connect to Transfer Files, you should find a DroneDeploy directory and in there will be the flight logs.

I tried to connect the controller to my computer but there are no Windows 10 drivers for it. I even checked the DJI website. Is there a location where I can find it? Thanks.