Mavic Pro - Lost in the middle of the mission

Summary of Issue:
I was flying my first mission with DroneDeploy, RC showed status “connecting”, DroneDeploy showed RTH, and aircraft never came back. Can you please help me establish what happened? Looking for the drone I believe will make no sense since I was flying over a forest.

Date Issue Began:
Sep 28

Drone Model:
Mavic Pro

Mobile Device Model and OS version:
iPhone 6s

DroneDeploy App Version:

Get another drone out there and map it!

I had a similar episode. Mine was caused by operator error, I think. Mavic Pro took off from lowest point on a fairly steep slope. Although set to fly at 260 feet, I think it encountered a tall tree at the top of the mapping area and got tangled. Knew roughly the location from last image on screen, and used Find Probe in DJI GO 4 to get it to beep a few times before battery died. Never found it in the logging brush on the ground. I keep the slope in mind now on those steep hills. Also thinking of a bright shell for the replacement.

Hi @alejandracol

Thank you for reaching out to let us know about this situation. We take these situations incredibly seriously, as our success depends on yours. A missing drone is never a pleasant experience and I want you to ensure you that we will provide our best support in order to assist you. I would be more than happy to hop on a phone call to gain more insight and information on your missing drone. In the meantime, I would like it if you could follow up via private message on our forum.

Can you please follow up in a private message with the map/flight name this drone fly away occurred on? Being able to view the DroneDeploy flight logs will allow me to further analyze your fly away.

Thank you and please do reach out in the meantime with any questions and I will be more than happy to further assist. Looking forward to speaking with you.

Hi Kaitlin,

Thanks a lot for your reply! The map/flight name is Finca Gutapé. The logs you will find in there do not show the entire flight since when the drone went missing, the flight never finished. I had to enter through iTunes and access the data stored on my phone. How can I share that info?

About jumping on the phone, sure - I couldn’t find a way to do a direct message; please, let me know how to do that, so I can share my contact info.




Thanks for your response. Sorry you are going through this. If you do not mind, I would actually like you to respond to us by email instead of this forum’s direct messaging. This way you can just attach those logs to the email and we can create a ticket for our engineering team from there. You can email us at In the heading just put “Flyaway Drone”.

It seems like you already have retrieved those logs but if you need a refresher here is a link to our Gathering Flight Logs page.

Once we get that email, we will look into this issue and help you schedule a time to speak with one of our Support Associates, Yusuf. Hope this has been helpful and we look forward to diagnosing this issue for you.