Lost Drone - Forest Mapping

I flew a segment of a forest today and lost my phantom 4 pro.

I checked my flight log and last known location is at the waypoint where the connection was lost.

I checked around there though but no sign.

Wondering if it might be worth my while following the route around til the end of the drawn map.

Anybody any experience with this type of disaster?

I have the flight logs with airdata to send to support…



Yes - twice with Inspire 1s. The drones were found weeks later in pieces. Seems like these events are happening more frequently. Sounds like it’s an issue with DJI.

I lost a Mavic Pro last year. Mapping a logged area, and the drone flew into the canopy of a tall tree. Avoidance seemed to work, but could not get the drone extricated.

Once suggestion to remember is that DJI4 has a “Find Drone” feature that will cause the drone to beep, helping to find it. Of course, the drone has to be still turned on and the battery is not drained.

Do not turn off the program DroneDeploy go on the tablet as a Navigator to the point on the screen where the last position of the quadcopter is displayed by maximizing the image on the screen (so it will be more accurate to determine your position on the ground). Go in the direction of the planned flight line carefully inspecting the area in the band width of 10-15 m from the flight line. In a similar situation, I found a quadcopter 10 minutes after falling in a dense forest.
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