Mavic pro fly away!

Was Flying a map yesterday it was a repeat map. Probably the 4th time I’ve flown this map. Did all my calibrations and made sure everything was set up properly before flight. Started flight like normal. Mavic goes to the first way point everything is normal except I don’t see the normal POV screen like normal. But it says its taking pictures so Im not too concerned. Keeping an eye on the drone the whole time look down to the controller an phone because they start buzzing with warning drone disconnected. Drone deploy says that its hovering in one spot but its not there. Immediately hit return to home on Drone Deploy get nothing. Try hitting RTH on controller, Controller says its disconnected. But I still have battery displayed as well as heigh and distance like its hovering. Drone is nowhere in sight. Ended up waiting for it to RTH but after an hour nothing. Never had any trouble with the app or drone during flights. Any ideas to what could have happened??? Updated firmware and drone deploy app.


Mavic Pro

iphone 6 ios 10.2

Hi @jonhildy,

I’m sorry to hear you experienced a flyaway. My teammate @Andrea will be reaching out to you via the email you used to register on this forum to further assist you with your issue.


Hi @jonhildy,

I’m very sorry about this incident. I have reached out to you via email requesting some more information. I look forward to hearing from you.


I’ve got a similar problem. I started an automatic flight with my Mavic Pro.
My drone started properly and went strait up. But than it moved very quickly in one direction and lost connection to the remote control. I pressed th “home” button, but drone didn’t come back.
I didn’t see where it went and lost it. I was very afraid that my drone does serious damage, so I called the police.
So far it all workt pretty well. What can I do now?

Hi @ToniSalomon,

I’m sorry to hear your drone did not return home. We’ll do our best to help you gather your flight logs to understand what happened during this mission. Please keep an eye out for my email to further discuss next steps.

Thank you,


I had the same problem today. Never happened before. The drone took of perfectly. When it had gained ca 130 meters height it startad drifting out of the flight plan. I could not get it to return to home in the DD app, I could still se where it was in the GPS window and see through the camera. When I entered the DJI Go app i got an error message concerning the GPS, I hit the return to home button also in the DJI Go app without any success. By now the drone had drifted quite far away and lost connection. So I got in the car and drove in the direction the drone went. Suddenly it must have gotten a signal, becuase i got a message that the drone is returning home. When I got back to the starting point the drone was safe on the ground! Quite an adventure. Stupid as I am, I tried the same flight plan once again after flying a little in DJI go wich worked fine. This time the flight went fine!

When I moved to the next area to fly my second flightplan, the same thing with the drifting happened once again, this time i miracoulously managed to gain control over the drone before it disconnected.

However, now I am quite nervous for the next time! Sooner or later I will lose the drone if this keeps repeating. Any suggestions on how to avoid this?

Hello, @JFS thanks for reaching out. It looks like your Drone loss to GPS. Once GPS connection is lost, your drone will go into a fail-safe which is called GPS-ATTI mode. In this mode, your drone will be fully manually in the sense no hovering will work (elevation will be maintained, lateral positioning will not). In this mode, the drone tends to drift depending on momentum and wind direction. It is important to make sure while this is happening, you do not allow your drone to drift too far so that your RC will lose connection as well. RTH will not work as there is no GPS connection to go off of. Our newest update on our app will inform our users that they will need to take control of their drone. I would make sure you have full control of your drone at all times and to have a visual line of sight as well. This is written in the rules of the FAA and also in our pilot policy.

Thank you!

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A colleague of mine experienced a very similar scenario today. Mavic took off, then disconnected and flew away into the sunset never to be found… Please could you let me know how I can get the flight log file off his phone and who I can send it to so that we can determine what happened… Thanks in advance.

Sorry this happened to you! You can take a look at our support document “Gathering Flight Logs” for more information on this. You can find out the last known location of your drone.