Tool to set a center point of irregular shape

Hi I’m looking for a tool to set a center point for an object of irregular shape - eg. a green on a golf course. Any ideas?

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Hi @ksniechmverse, welcome! When you say center point what will it be used for? Just a marker or to be used for a photo/video flight?

Basically as marker on a map generated, based on mapping a green on golf course. Now I set this point proportionally - on the pricture by frameing the shape of green into squere end than pointing the center. Im not sure if this is accurate. Later it can be also used for a video flight.

You can use the distance annotation to find a good center, but a location marker annotation will not cross over to flight plans. You would have a separate video plan and since we don’t have the ability to measure in plans you would have to eyeball it based on your location marker in the map. I’m going to change your topic to a feature request.