Request: Rotatable waypoint missions and equal length distances between waypoints

I want to make a simple “photo” plan: a photo at each corner of an empty field. I do not want the photos to be from the cardinal directions; but I do want them all to be equidistant from the target object.

When I start a new photo plan, it makes what looks like a square at the cardinal points. Is there a way (in a browser or in the android app) to simply rotate the entire plan around the target until I get it lined up?

Or, is there a way to drag the waypoints so that they create an actual square; not just something that looks “close enough” to square?

Or, is there a way to rotate the map background, under the existing plan, without losing the plan? (In the android app I can use 2 fingers to tilt, and I can pinch to zoom, but if I rotate the map, all the waypoints disappear. With the map rotated, if I create a new plan, the map rotates back to “north up”. Not what I want.

Thoughts? Thanks!


Thanks for this! All deficiencies and have been brought up many times over the years but we just can’t seem to get what seems would be natural. I changed your topic to Feature Request.

Oh wow…I figured since I was so late to the game, this many years on, that these things would be baked in but I just couldn’t find them…bummer!

Does this “Feature Requests” forum get looked at by Drone Deploy at all? Or should I directly contact them?


They monitor the form as well and already know about this issue. @Anjanette_Hill @Andrew_Fraser @Jamespipe

Great! Hopefully this is the last request they needed to move forward with these implementations! :slight_smile:

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I updated the title of this post to better reflect that this is now a feature request.

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Perfect. I think this would be a great addition and would make planning a bit easier. Especially for photos and videos. We do all our planning with KML files but for something quick in the field it would be allot easier on a tablet.

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Interestingly, it turns out that “rotating the map” is essentially available in Mapping plans, but not the other autonomous plans. In Mapping, under Advanced you can change the direction of flight to line it up however you want (and you can also change the starting waypoint, which I just figured out, which I’ve been wondering about).

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Yes, you can control flight direction and which end of the pattern you start at but what you can’t do is make a symmetrical shape, rotate the shape or pull the sides in a perpendicular direction.

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I’m would also appreciate similar features.

In most cases, I like using the auto-populated 5 acre 3d model field that automatically pops up when you start a map. Often though I’d like to rotate the square to be parallel/perpendicular to the house and lot I’m flying, which seems to be more accurate.

Pix4d capture has the feature of rotating this square and making it larger or smaller while locking the scale, which is super helpful. If these exact features were available with DD, that’d make my life a lot easier.