TIF format

I want to retouch a TIF created for export to Google Earth.

Problem is that Photoshop won’t open the TIF. I get “Could not open myfilename.tif because the file-format module cannot parse the file”.

I can sort of get round this by opening in Paint(!), saving as a BMP and then using PS. Fine except if an irregular shape image I lose the transparency that fills out the irregular shape to make a rectangular image. Surely the TIF file should be compatible with the world’s foremost image-processing software? It’s the latest version, but this problem isn’t new.

It’s not related to image size. I do have a feeling that PS may not support TIF transparency?

Surely this should be fixed? Any suggestions to workaround?

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I would use GIMP. It’s free and seems to be able to open images as big as your available RAM.

Thanks, but as mentioned file size isn’t the problem.

And I don’t really want to install and learn another image editing programme, surely any TIF should be in a format which the world’s top image editing software should open? If I was using an obscure programme, I could understand.

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What is the file size?

Which tiff did you export?

Is it one file or many?

For others, I will say that GIMP is light and very easy to navigate for simple tasks like this. Exporting as a JPEG or PNG would be best. Two steps. You could also overwrite it with the GIMP calculation of the tiff and preserve all metadata so that the tfw still works. It also has decent image exposure, resizing and color control.

Beyond that QGIS is your best buddy with GeoTiffs and should be a staple for any drone data mapper.

Thanks Michael.

This file was 368 Mb, but it seems to happen with all TIF files and sizes, big and small.


I have now worked around by using Paint to save as a BMP, then opening in PS, and deleting the white areas (to transparent) and re-saving as a TIF. Somewhere in there I’ve obviously done my edits as well!

But I think DD should write the TIF in an industry-standard spec/format, not one that only certain programmes will open.

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I changed the category of this post because there is a bug that is not allowing general discussion posts to show up on the latest board. Hopefully this will get you more exposure to some Photoshop users. I’m also calling out @Andrew_Fraser @Erika_Houseman as a DroneDeploy representatives.
I’ve been using DroneDeploy for a long time and also work with allot of software, but do not use Photoshop. I have never had any issue with any of the tens of software packages that I use opening them so I don’t think it’s the file encoding, but we’ll see if I can get a trial of Photoshop to help figure it out. there are quite a lot of posts on the internet about Photoshop having issues parsing large files of different types, but hopefully someone will join us soon.

I see no progress yet on this one. I’ve parsed HUGE files with Photoshop, size isn’t the issue here.

The problem is that DD is writing the TIF in a format that the world’s leading imaging software cannot read! It’s like writing a spreadsheet that Excel won’t read, or a document Word can’t open.

OK some programme’s can open it - but that doesn’t make DD correct and Photoshop wrong.

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