Taken true colour images, now how to get the most from plant health data?

I’ve taken images over a crop season using an Inspire’s standard true colour camera. The field has several plots that have been treated with different fertilisers.

I want to extract NDVI info (e.g. NDVI means) from these plots at each point in time.
The Plant Health feature produces nice maps, but how do I get real figures in a format (e.g Excel) I can work with.

What are the steps to do this?

Many thanks, Anika.

Hi @anikm,

You would need a modified RGB camera to fully utilize the NDVI algorithm. With a normal RGB camera you can utilize the VARI algorithm which reports the “greenness” of a given area of interest. You can export the file as plant health model and analyze the data in software such as QGIS or ArcGIS by opening the attribute table of the export.

Many thanks @zach1 - I’ll give that a go. Really appreciate your time and assistance :slight_smile: