Value in the Near Infrared: Debunking the Myth of a False-NDVI

Hello everyone,
I had time for a quick research project about using CIR(Near infrared) cameras, RGB cameras, and what those sensors can really provide for mapping vegetation. This article’s purpose is to show the value of using Color Infrared (Near Infrared) sensors, and some of the misconceptions about just needing a visible light (RGB) camera.

Here’s a link:


This is a great explanation of a subject that has had me puzzled lately. Thank you for sharing it!

you should be seeing some improvements and clarity on dronedeploy in the near future for using rgb imagery for plant health. If you see in the article linked above, for the most part if you just reverse the colors of the rgb
Image you get pretty close the ndvi image, but not quite. We’ll have some
Improved coloring schemes that are designed for rgb imagery to help provide some insights into areas of a field that require additional investigation.