Question about Plant Health - NIR

Hi, I am new to mapping/data.
Am I correct in saying, if you have a standard drone, i.e: DJI Mavic Pro, it will still capture and give you a representation of Plant Health? In order to avail of the full correct data, the drone needs to be fitted with a NIR sensor?

Yes, that is correct.

Thanks Gary,

SO how accurate can the representation be?

Hi @Niall_Scully,

I recommend taking a look at How Accurate is My Map? Please note that plant health maps are only as accurate as ground truthing the data.


Can anyone elaborate on the plant health and what the standard colors mean? I had a farmer ask me about a feed pile and why the areas were green and some were red. My understanding is that the green is healthy vegetation, and red is not, but can someone explain in a little more detail please? Thank you?