Synced not appearing on dashboard - latest app version

I’m trying to sync a flight plan for offline flight and this always used to work perfectly. With the latest app release I set up the plan on the desktop, open the dd app, click Sync in the desktop dashboard and get the message “Open mobile app. If plan is shown in your dashboard, sync was successful.” The plan appears on my dashboard, but it does not have the green Synced in the list of plans just Edit. I have tried the setup multiple times and I cannot get Synced to appear in the dashboard - is Synced supposed to appear now or has this changed ?

Also I notice there is no Offline Sync button in the menus on the app dashboard now - this was useful to double check an offline sync had properly saved.

OK so I found out by doing a successful offline flight today that we no longer get the green Synced button. You just have to assume it has synced OK if it appears in your mobile dashboard.

Good to see that the pre flight checks are now visible before you get the green light to fly and there was plenty of feedback during the flight - all good !


I have to work on two tasks where I have no internet. I created my 2 flight plans, but when I run on my DD iPhone6 without internet connection, I do not see the satellite images, I see only flight plans. I can not make those two missions. Yet it worked very well with older versions of SD.
How to fix this?
thank you in advance.
Jean Louis

No satellite image on my flight yesterday either, but the flight completed successfully with just the flight path showing.

Thank you Mark,
your answer reassures me, I can assure my 2 missions. it would be necessary that DD can cache the satellite images as was the case in earlier releases.

Just found out that if you shut down your mobile device after caching maps it can sometimes clear the cache. So it might be worth keeping your mobile device on after caching and see if that works.

We made a note to make sure that the plans/maps download even if you aren’t relaunching the app. As long as you make sure the plan is on the phone ,it should be on the phone.

After flying an offline plan today I can confirm that the Sync is NOT working correctly at the moment. When I am on-site the satellite map background does not appear and I notice that the flight path orientation presented in the app is completely different to the one I synced on my desktop. The actual mapping area boundary is correct though. This seems to have been a problem since the last DD update. I’m using an iPad Mini 4 with the latest iOS.

I am experiencing multiple issues with my app (Samsung Grand Neo). I create plans online in Chrome and they never sync to phone. This seems to be a chronic problem that needs addressed ASAP!

In order to get the plans to load on your phone you will need to force close the app and then relaunch it. This is being addressed and an update is coming out soon.

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