Solar Farm Inspections

Hello everyone.

Can anyone advise me on the optimum altitude and overlap settings for a mission to inspect panels on a solar farm please?. The panels will be set at an angle of about 20* to the horizontal. The images would need to detail dust, animal and leaf coverage as well as any other damage.

You didn’t mention if you were using an RGB camera or Thermal.

I would go out and do some short flights to experiment at different settings.
I would start about 120 feet with 80/80 overlaps and do some higher and lower.
See what the optimum settings work out to be.

Hi Gary. Thanks for your reply. I’m using RGB.

If you need good resolution try to do your fly with no more than 20 mts high, you have to watch about obstruction because could be on the way some towers or other thing with more than this high.

Hi Icelis. Thank you for your message. There should be nothing directly over the panels but you’re right, at 20 metres it’s possible there will be some obstructions around the perimeter.

Hey @Campilot :slight_smile:
From our experience, flight between 10-15 meters will be optimal. It will be the same height for doing the same inspection in thermal conditions too. Look at the image attached, here you can see that a map created with DD is used as a background map layer. The customer is really happy with this solution :slight_smile:
Let me know if I can help further.



That’s very helpful, thank you

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what’s camera used for the map?

Sorry, never noticed that you wrote here…
You can ask for the solar farm guide from :slight_smile: