Apartment complex roof inspection

Hello all, wondering if anyone has done a large roof inspection with D.D.? I have a 25 acre plot of apartments and need something quick. Any suggestions on settings or any help much appreciated. I’m using a Phantom 4 standard and need to know if quality from 12mp camera is enough for roof inspection detail, thanks, Mike

You might try this.
Sometimes I will fly at two altitudes and upload both sets as one map. The higher one supports better alignment and stitching and the lower one supports better resolution. I did this with a P3P at 150 and 300 feet. I uploaded each separately and both together to test variations in resolution. The 150 foot gave .8 in/px resolution and the 300 foot gave 1.5 in/px. Both together gave .9 in/px. If the lower one works, I use it. If not, I lose very little with the combined set.

Excellent, the makes very good sense. Thank you very much.