New client (Advice needed)

Good day,

I’m looking for some advice and guidance on a project that I may have the opportunity of using DD on. I’ve been using DD for about 3-4 months now and It’ll be the first time introducing it to an interested client. The potential client that is interested owns an industrial repair yard and they are planning on going through a reconstruction of the entire site.

I’m using the Phantom 4 pro V2.0

Site info

  1. The site is about 84-91 acres based on my flight plan.

  2. The land is primarily flat here so there are no drastic change in elevations.

  3. There are 2-4 Tower cranes on the dock area (so I will need to factor
    that into my flight alt) I’m thinking I will need to be 250’ at least but I wont
    know for sure until I actually do a site visit.

  4. The site consists of flat buildings, warehouses, fabrication shops, etc.

My concerns

  1. It will the largest area I ever had to cover and I’m unsure of what flight modes will produce the most useful results. I’m currently on the pro plan and will undoubtfully upgrade to the business plan if I secure the job.

  2. Will I need to invest in GCP’s? Because the site primarily consists of mostly buildings, steel materials and constantly moving equipment I’m thinking that relative accuracy may be sufficient considering they will mostly use my services for construction progression updates.

  3. If I need to cover the dock area that the tower cranes are stationed on and they are above 250’ alt, is it good practice to fly the entire site at the same alt or can I lower my alt for the areas that I can increase the resolution of the map?

Any assistance and concerns are greatly appreciated.


Congrats on the client! I would run a crosshatch but with the Auto-Flight Modes app so that you can set the gimbal pitch. Set it to 75-degrees at an altitude over the tallest structure that you are comfortable with the take a few manual shots of those structures from about 50ft out. I usually do it with DJI Go4 or Litchi.


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Thank you! Ok, Auto-Flight mode at 75-degrees. Just so I understand the purpose of what you recommended, taking a few manual shots of the structures at that pitch in DjI Go4 or Lithci would eliminate the need for me to include those structures in the crosshatch flight plan?

(Sorry, still inexperienced and trying to learn as much as I can at the same time)

Just downloaded the Auto-Flight Modes app.

Manual photos a little closer to the structures just captures better detail but also gives you the opportunity to capture the tops of the structures better as they will be much closer to the drone in the crosshatch that don’t get enough overlap.

Oh wow, I thought I had responded. Better late than never I guess lol.

Thank you for the assistance MichaelL!

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NP. I opened the thread to the how to section as well so you may get some more exposure. At least it will appear on the dashboard.

Great, really appreciate it. I’ve been reading the different threads to learn from others experiences so the more exposure the better.