Phantom 4 pro v2 mining

What: 35 acres of mined property… mostly water

  • clients wants a survey (relative accuracy)
  • will use the survey to calculate backfill

Equipment: Phantom 4 Pro Vs2

  • should I leave camera on automatic settings
  • should I use the recommended altitude of 146’

After flight: I am using a trial version DD

  • will the 3D map give the needed data
  • will I be able to send the client a finished product

Thanks for any help.

Do you have any regular photos or a coordinate for the site that we can look at? When you say mostly water that makes me cringe because it brings in many variables that make it really hard to reconstruct. On the trial version you should be able to do what you need but it will be more dependent on the characteristics of the site and weather. A calm overcast day is usually the best bet.

Thank you. I do…

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That obviously isn’t it…

Thank you, needed that today, lol!

If they are looking for quantity of fill for the pond then I don’t think you will be able to provide anything really accurate without getting readings off the bottom. Water and photogrammetry just don’t mix. If they have an elevation that they can excavate to then you can definitely come up with some usable numbers.

Thanks Michael. They believe they can use DD survey measurements to get what they need. If this works for them they have 12 more projects available so I really hope it works lol.

This is a first for me. I’ve been doing progression videos mostly. Will I be able to share the finished map with them if they don’t have DD?

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They will be able to see the map, the 3D model and any exports that have already been generated. Unfortunately they cannot see other media on the map which along with the fact that we can’t share videos and they can’t do their own annotations is a big downfall of DD. You can share 360 panos but since the icon doesn’t appear on the map you have to share the link from the pano viewer. I was told that there are some improvements coming in the near future but who knows what that means.

If you need any help PM me your email and we can start walking through some of it. I think it is most important up front to have a solid grasp of the client’s familiarity on how all this works and what capabilities they have inhouse.

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I tried it again last night with no login and the pins showed up. They never have before but I still can’t see the image or video markers. You can share a photo report but they are pretty lame.

@Jpetty2160 Are you looking for a volumetric calculation with the base plane being consistently level with the waterline?

Since they are back-filling the water can be the base plane. Of course it’s going to be level but more than likely there is an unknown dimension to the actual bottom and it is probably not consistent. The only way to find out is sonar or a field visit, a canoe and a grade pole.

Ah, I didn’t realize he’d be looking for the fill under the water. Yes, this is a limitation for photogrammetry. I think we have seen some success in specific ideal conditions, but the general expectation I’d set, as Michael said, is that it can’t trusted.

It may sound funny but you can actually find depth with a fishing pole, a heavy weight and a bobber. It will at least give you a better idea 50 ft or so from the bank.

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Thanks Michael and Adam. The flight went well and the map turned out great. I purchased a month of DD and was able to add the engineers to the project. The annotation tools are available to them and they can make calculations. I’m waiting to hear back from them for confirmation this will work. Before I flew, they had requested the jpegs to use with a program they are familiar with. They also knew this would be a trial and error flight. We’ll see what happens.


Go get it. We’ll back you up.

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Hey Michael… Looks like I may have the mining jobs. I was sent this question…

“ Can your drone could add up individual stock piles in cubic foot are tons?”

My response was DD would be the program and yes it would work. Your thoughts?

He also sent this…

“We do inventory at the end of each month most Times is 3 to 4 different stock piles we need to know the volume of each stock pile in cubic foot our tons What would kind of be the cost for something like that”

You are correct and that is the beauty of photogrammetry. It’s a natural byproduct of just flying and taking pictures. If DroneDeploy could get there stockpile AI algorithm right we wouldn’t even have to digitize them.

I think this really depends on the size of the stockpiles and their proximity to each other which also determines the amount of time it takes. Reset an hourly rate of $150 so the price is usually around $300 +/- $100. Once we have flown a site you have a good idea of how much it cost so you could negotiate a static rate or a contract for several months. Most of the quarries that we have flown do quarterly reports so we’ll do flights monthly.

We typically fly construction sites where we try to arrange all the stockpiles in a specific area but I have also done quarry work and had to drive for a couple of minutes across the site to get to the next stockpile. We’re also talking about the difference between up to 10, 000cy and 200,000cy. In the case of the larger stockpiles we felt it prudent to use some kind of ground control points or our RTK drone.

The nice thing about the RTK is that you will get a really accurate quantity the first time but also you can create ground control points off of that first flight to keep the rest of the flights aligned to each other so you can copy over your annotations.

If their stockpiles are in designated areas then they might look into the Stockpile Reports service. It didn’t work for us because our stockpiles move around a bit.

Thanks. I gave a quote of $400 a month. He said the stockpiles were next to each other. Are you saying I would need gcp’s? I am looking into the RTK if I get the contract.

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What is the size of the stockpiles? Base sqft’d.