Has anyone used EZRoof?

I looked at their sample PDF and it doesn’t seem as though you can see any detailed potential roof shingle damage. If it’s just a picture of a roof with pitch and square footage, what good is it?

I’ll take the no reply as a no. Thanks!


Been out of pocket for a while. Like you, I have an interest in EZRoof.

I reached out to the company via the DD dashboard, EZRoof’s support link as well as their website but nothing back so far. Their site says its in BETA, so why would DD even offer them up as a vetted/useable app?

Thanks for your interest in EZRoof Steve. As we discussed, there’s no need for users to draw any measurements, that’s what our service provides from your DJI drone images hosted on DroneDeploy. We provide 3D measurements in an industry standard pdf format for roof repair estimation by default. On request we can also provide CAD models of the roof and obstructions for applications such as rooftop solar installation. First time users received a 50% discount. Please contact us (info@ez3d.io) for more info regarding pricing for roofs much larger than 5000 sq ft. We’ve provided DroneDeploy users measurement reports ranging simple residential roofs to massive industrial roofs at industry standard pricing with industry leading accuracy.

Before submitting an order please check the EZRoof user guide to verify that your data collection meets minimum requirement to ensure a successful outcome. Dronedeploy’s new double grid and oblique orbit options can be helpful for complex or obscured roofs. For a basic 1-2 story house, 30m altitude with 80% forward and side overlap and low speed is fine. Add orbit and/or double grid coverage for treed areas.

Why just provide photos from a roof inspection or a 2D orthomosaic when your customers need 3D measurements of every edge of the roof in order to process the claim or prepare an accurate repair bid? Our products typically include dozens or even hundreds of 3D edge lengths and areas which fully describe every inch of the roof. Roofers regularly spend days measuring an apartment complex or pay similar rates for lower accuracy reports from blurry dated aerial photos. Pilots from around the world have done this job faster, safer, and better with a DJI drone, DroneDeploy, and EZRoof.