Skydio2 establishing flight problem

Im having problems establishing a flight with the Skydio2. Im using an iPhone with the Skydio cable and controller. It successfully completes the Pre Flight check, says drone is connected, enables the Start Flight button. I wait for about a minute, it doesn’t take off, I get the following message:

Plan upload failed: Timeout waiting for ready state

I’ve tried it on my standard iPhone and a brand new iPhone 13, same result.

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The above was using v4.66. I just tried v4.68, exactly the same.

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I’d really like to try this app. When will it work?

Hi Jim, did you ever get it to work?

I am wondering if the Skydio2 wasn’t ready for flight–but it cannot show you the error because you are not in the native app?

For example, if the SD card needs to be formatted, or if the launch area has an obstruction (anything that would make an alert in the Skydio app).


Hi KLKpez,
No, I never got the DroneDeploy app to work.

I’ve tried several versions of their app, tried it on several IOS devices (2 iPhones, 1 iPad). All the same timeout error from their software.

Strange that this seems to be the only 3rd party using Skydio SDK, and it doesn’t seem to work. No other options for scanning software but Skydio 3D scan which is a little pricey and does much more than what I need.

My Skydio 2 is working fine, I have launched it many times from the place I was going to test the DroneDeploy scan. I have pre flown the area manually with the controller so I could check on reasonable altitudes for my scan. I keep my SD cards empty between flights, It wasn’t full. I have 3 different batteries as well.

I have discussed DroneDeploy on various Skydio user forums. I was only able to find one other person that says they were successful in using it 3 times, but no other details.

Do you have a Skydio 2 drone and successfully use DroneDeploy?

Thank you,

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Yes, I am able to get S2 working on DD

Make sure you have your iPhone plugged into the Skydio Controller (aka Parrot controller) using the cable that came with it.

Turn off WiFi on your iPhone, all connections to the drone will go through the cable.

Launch the DD app and it should connect, and you’ll see “connected” in the bottom left menu.

You initiate flying by first clicking on the checklist. Then it will give you a Fly option. Manual flight will also be an option.

Using the controller via cable is key

Thank you.

Yes, I’ve been trying using the Skydio controller with the Skydio cable.

Wasn’t sure about WIFI being ON or OFF… seemed like it should be ON so the DD app could use its net connection to upload the plan, but thanks for the confirmation. I tried it both with it On and OFF previously…

I will try this again if DroneDeploy allows me to try the Trial version again.

Thank you,

Did that solution work for you, or did you not try the trial version again?

They never did get me a working version, as far as I can tell it doesn’t work.

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Dronedeploy and Skydio test Uno - YouTube Wifi of the tablet should always be off when using the skydio controller…and->

What are my uploading options for the Skydio 2?

Currently, DroneDeploy does not support mobile uploads but users can upload and process imagery on a desktop via the Skydio 2 SD card.

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