Rookie Question - Which Map Type would be best in my case?


Hi all,

I am trying to map a subdivision so I can have aerial imagery of the manholes, water meters, sewer clean-outs etc. (I work in the water industry).

This is my first time using a drone and specifically Drone Deploy, I have just completed my first flight mission and I’m in the process of uploading my images - what, in my circumstances would you recommend for the map type, terrain or structures?



Try both. First up load the photos with terrain selected. Then when this is done, go to Dashboard, look at bottom of column and press + then select Upload images and continue but this time select structures when doing the upload. Look at the resulting maps and see which looks best.


Will do! Thank you SolarBarn!


If you are looking to locate utilities I would suggest always using terrain. In my experience, unless you are using ground control points, structure mode is not as horizontally accurate.

-Civil Contractor


I use terrain for all my maps and I am getting good results.