3D mapping of vehicles?

Hi all,

I’ve been using Dronedeploy for a few weeks. Here’s my question: what’s best way to create a 3D map of a vehicle? I’ve tried orbits at various heights and radii, but not having good results.

Any suggestions?



Hey @phoenixaerialsusa,

You will want to fly an ortho top down, then like you did before add in some obliques, then for a vehicle you will most likely want to add some low to there ground shots to help show the clearance underneath. I would expect that this will give you a workable base model. From there it will most likely need to be tweeked in an editing program to get a good result.

Thanks!! I’ll try that.

Nice let us know how it comes out, the number one issue i run into is the model being brought down to the ground plane (making it look like it has melted into the ground). Good Luck.

I have done it before and the description they give you works perfect.

Good advice here. Also be sure to process in structures mode to get the ground clearance