Structure - Map Engine - Stitching Concerns

I like Drone Deploy a lot but I am becoming increasingly frustrated with one of its quirks. Can someone explain to me why when uploading imagery to the map engine, and selecting structure, why very straight and rectilinear imagery with very hard edges gets twisted and mutated when processed.

Seemingly when we select structure in the map engine, I would assume the map engine “thinks” we are uploading images of square or straight lined items. The photo Below is of a platform for a bridge that is roughly 188’ x 60’.
This same type of twisting occurs with any straight edge on building.

Any help would be appreciated.


I’m sorry to hear that you’re frustrated and not having an ideal experience. To clarify, smaller features don’t have enough of a spectral signature to map successfully and it’s difficult to make a mesh of something that is small.

However, I suggest increasing the overlap settings to see if it will help.


Hi @Christina,

Thanks for responding so quickly.
The overlap for that mission is 82% sidelap and 77% frontlap with a max speed of 25mph.
This results in a mission of 29:15 Minutes for 119 Acres at 2 in / px and will take 2 batteries.
If I go to 90% overlap, the mission is now 49:15 Minutes for 119 Acres at 2 in / px and will take 4 Batteries.
Both of these missions were to be flown at 396 ft.

What level of frontlap is recommended?

Those beams that look jumbled in the ortho posted above are 3’ wide.
To me, that seems to be wide enough to create a clean edge - when I compare to other things I have flown.
Are perfectly clean edges not expected in nature and inasmuch not assumed when processing?

Thanks again!

The Structure algorithm is primarily designed for buildings. Flatter areas are not where it will excel. And it actually seems to be at its best with using oblique images to enhance features. For example, here is one I did with only 85 oblique images at three altitudes circling around the building.