Report PDF to Word Document

Is there a way of export reports as Word Documents please.


Paul Deeman

Not that I have seen period do you have any PDF editing software like Adobe Acrobat or bluebeam. Most of them can OCR the text so that you can copy everything over to a Word document. In blue beam you can even save the PDF as a word document and it will attempt to do that process, but fair warning that it doesn’t always capture the text correctly that drone deploy uses in their reports. I wish it was a more standard font.

Thanks for your reply Michael.
Having scoured the help forums and the options under report I guessed as much.

I have tried using the conversion modules in Adobe Acrobat Pro and Abby Fine Reader and the results are not good. A grumble I guess, as I pay a four figure fee and don’t understand why data I collect on my client’s behalf to display in a report (possibly for use in their own proposals) has to have Drone Deploy and the Http addresses plastered all over it.

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It’s a PIA, but you can probably insert empty text boxes with white background over the offending info. I fully agree that if you are paying for a product, it should be white label. If it’s free, then no complaints.

What report in particular are you trying to download? Some of them have the ability to download the CSV data. If you want to share the PDF in a PM to me I can try on my end to see if any of our software will help.

I really like the output, the pictures and the accompanying detail tell the story by page and is simple and straight forward to follow. The CSV is great if you want to prepare a snagging list or a task list that requires project dates etc etc (but no images?). I am looking to help a client prepare a case for the development of an installation and would like to embed this report in their proposal with their logos and control over the Word headers and footers and, implement their corporate style. And of course the final irony is the following message, received when trying to upload the PDF file


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Why not just embed the PDF into the Word document then? If it’s an official report then the values shouldn’t be changing… Crop it in your PDF editor if needed. Or just mask straight over it and put whatever you want on there.